Fate says to the warrior “you cannot withstand the storm”.

The warrior says to Fate “I am the storm”.

28 January 2020

And the blog.....returns

OK...years ago this blog was created as a bit of...therapy for me.

Yes, therapy.

It seems that this life of mine has not gone according to any plan I came up with. Of course, I always here about "I just do not know what the plan is", but it is frustrating.

So, I wrote. I wrote a lot. And a few people followed. And some more did not. Screw 'em.

Sometimes I had lots to say. Other times, not so much. I went through a lot of writer's block. Plus, sometimes, what I wrote kind of upset some folks that, well, I probably did not need to upset. You know, like employers.

This is "The World According to Me". These are my views, no one else's. Don't like it? The door is over there.

So what am I going to write about? Well, in no particular order-

1. Pre-hospital care, EBM
2. Hockey/ Carolina Hurricanes
3. Jeeps and stuff
4. BBQ and other food places
5. My dog Carrie
6. My life in general, sort of
7. No religion or politics. Period.

And maybe some other stuff.