Fate says to the warrior “you cannot withstand the storm”.

The warrior says to Fate “I am the storm”.

09 January 2018


Another year is in the books and 2017 was full of changes.
First, I changed jobs. I went from working for an EMS agency to teaching at a community college. Of course, upon arriving at the CC, I was moved in to completing some accreditation stuff and have only really started teaching this semester (six months later). There has definitely been a learning curve and more changes are maybe on the horizon. I’ll keep you posted.
Also, I started back working on an ambulance part time. The agency is one of several that has existed in my county over the years, and in the modern era, it is the only one that I had not a. transported a patient in, and b.) drawn a paycheck from. IT has been fun settling in to the role as it had actually been about five years since I actually worked in an ambulance in a 9-1-1 setting. And of course, my first day we had a cardiac arrest patient transported to the station by family members.
What made that call…memorable… was that a lot of folks knew that my old butt was working, and when it was called in, a lot of them thought I was the patient since I was not the one who called it in. I was honored that a lot of people were apparently concerned.
Back in October I realized a dream of mine from since I was seven years old- I bought a Jeep. It has been a lot of fun so far and I am looking forward to our travels, especially with the top down. And yes, we have a pair of Doggles for Jake for riding with the top down..
Christmas was pretty good. All three kids, with their significant others, along with my mother, gathered at our house for a Christmas Eve Morning breakfast.
New Year’s Eve was spent with our friends Janice and Wade in Wilmington for dinner, and we were back at home for the stroke of midnight.
The hockey season has been up and down. We have seen some great wins and some pretty sucky losses, most of the losses being on the road. At the beginning of the year the Hurricanes were in a Wild Card spot, and as of right now are only one point out. So in the words of Section 328- “C’MON, CANES!”.
More later…

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