Fate says to the warrior “you cannot withstand the storm”.

The warrior says to Fate “I am the storm”.

26 December 2017

Reviews, etc.

So…a couple of reviews.

First, the Mrs. 9E1 and I went to Just Cookin’ in Garner. OK, we were not expecting what we found. We were thinking it was a kind of country cooking place, but it turns out to be a sandwich shop.

I had the beef brisket sandwich, the wife had the sweet Italian sausage sandwich. Mine was OK. My idea of beef brisket involves thick slices with smoky flavoring. This was thin sliced beef with BBQ sauce. I had onion rings to go with it, and while they were cooked good, they were rather flat testing. Mrs. 9E1 said the Italian sausage was good, but she had the same concern about the onion rings.

The service was good, and we will probably give it another try. My grade? B.

Second up, Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Well, no spoilers here, but we both enjoyed it. Grade? A+.

In other news, Christmas is over. We had all the kids with their significant others up for breakfast on Christmas Eve. It was good seeing them all and spending albeit a little amount of time with them all- we do not get to do it enough.

On the food side, I found Cajun bacon at the Clayton General Store. Only one word is needed to describe it- A W E S O M E.

And finally, some changes may be coming. Maybe more later.

Happy New Year.

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