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12 December 2017

Does the siren affect the driver of an emergency vehicle?

Some more semi-scientific research in EMS…

I wonder what the effect on the siren tone is on the driver of an emergency vehicle?

My anecdotal observation is that three things tend to speed drivers up- the yelp setting, the phaser/piercer setting, and moving the selector back and forth. Seems like the wail setting is not as agitating for the driver.

This observation is also reinforced by my anectodal observations of emergency vehicles in traffic. Those with an electronic siren set on wail do not seem to do as much ‘pushing-the-edge’ sort of stuff as those with the siren set on yelp, phaser/piercer, or flipping back and forth.

I’ve noticed that if the siren operator on a fire truck is methodically running the siren up and down, as opposed to ‘standing on the Q switch, the fire truck seems a little more methodical in their movements through traffic.

I’ve also noticed that LEO vehicles traveling with a siren set on wail do not seem to be driving as fast as the ones with sirens set on yelp.

Maybe this is something that GEOTAB could gather data on.

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