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The warrior says to Fate “I am the storm”.

04 December 2017

As The Season Turns...

Well, the season is moving along. A little bumpy at times, but moving along.

So here are my observations on the Hurricanes’ season so far.

1. It is better than last year and the year before and the year before.

2. Let’s stop the “fire Bill Peters” crap. Did you not see what a dumpster fire he inherited? And in the same vein, did you not see the dumpster fire Ron Francis inherited from Jim Rutherford? Yeah. Given what he has had to work with, Peters has done pretty good, in my book.

3. And while you are at it, get off of the “we need a goalie” crap, too. We have one. Scott Darling. The view from Section 330 has been impressive. Yeah, he let in two really bad goals. As have every other NHL goalie ever. I have not cussed him anywhere near as much as I have other goalies of late.

4. And speaking of goalies, we have a pretty good back-up. Yeah, Cam Ward was brilliant against Florida. But does he have it in the tank to do that night-in and night-out? Well, see last year’s video highlights for that answer. Good guy, lot of talent, but he is where we need him now.

5. “We need to get a goal scorer”. Yeah, it would be nice, but I do not want them to trade the farm or write a big check to do it. See Alexander Semin for an explanation of how that could work out. I like that GMRF is being…cautious, measured, and deliberate..

6. Faulker. What’s up? Are you hurt, don’t care, or just going through the same kind of phase that every NHL player goes through?

7. Shake those Rangers games off. Please.

8. The jalapeno pretzels are heaven on earth. Really, they are.

9. We are in North Carolina. Can we PLEASE have red hot dogs at PNC? And at least can we have chili for the hot dogs? Please?

10. Bojangles. I would pay $5.00 for a Bojangles half-n-half tea.

So far, with a couple of exceptions, the crowds have been good. And it is good to hear the Caniacs getting loud. Shoot, we were louder than the Rangers fans the other night.

And the last thing, Mrs. 9E1 and I are getting new jerseys this year. Just got to figure out which ones to get. I think she wants a #33, but I am tossing up the #14 or #7 idea. I like the idea of #14, since Justin Williams is the ‘old dude’ on the team and shows every night that he ‘stall has it’. Kind of like me and my paramedic career. But then there is the perseverance thing that is personified by Derek Ryan. He stuck with it for years and finally got is break and is playing in the NHL.

Later ya’ll. Canes are on a road trip so it will be a while before we see you at PNC.

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