If, in moving through your life, you find yourself lost...go back to the last place where you knew who you were, and what you were doing, and start from there. Bernice Johnson Reagon.

26 February 2014

Another blog...and a friend's blog at that

Danny is one of the people I count amongst my friends. I worked for him at one of the EMS agencies I used to work for and many a day he would stop by and we would "talk puck". After I discovered that I was indeed a hockey fan, it was Danny who explained a lot about the game to me- the penalties, the calls, the plays......the game. It's one thing to enjoy something, it is still another to enjoy something AND understand it.

So after The Forks went away, Danny worked for one agency and I worked for another. I would catch him on Facebook from time to time, but then he decided to step away from The Book of Faces.

So now he has a blog- The Knives Den. Being that Danny is a Buffalo Sabers fan, I am sure he will be blogging about the Sabers, among other things. So if you are inclined, go check him out.