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03 October 2012

Random Thoughts

Local law enforcement around my home  should concentrate more on looking like Andy Taylor, Andy Renko, Bobby Hill, Jim Reid, and Pete Malloy, rather than a Navy SEAL.

It amazes at how many of my EMS brethren fail to grasp the importance of a pillow and a blanket on the cot as an important aspect of patient care. I also have also been quite disappointed in the number of them that look at me funny or act as though I am crazy for providing them.

If your child is seizing, or heaven forbid, not breathing, and I am asking you questions, don't get upset with me when I, after you look up at me all surprised and stuff because you have been texting the whole time I have been trying to ask you questions about your child, tell you to put your freakin' phone down and listen to me.

0.9% Sodium Chloride is an awesome substance. It cures what ails you (or doesn't).

Does anyone really believe all of the dribble that is spouted out in political TV ads? And worse, what does it say about the average voter who may be swayed by such dribble?

It does not look like the 2012 Hockey Lockout is going to end anytime soon. Maybe we could get Gary Bettman a job as commissioner of the Afghanistan Hockey League. Or maybe Pakistan. Or Ghana.

It is insane that I bought gas the other day and thought $3.51 per gallon was a bargain. And no, Romney can't do anything about it. And Obama is not going to, either.

No, going to the hospital by ambulance does not necessarily get you seen quicker. And no, you cannot smoke a cigarette before we go.

Sometimes we make less-than-ideal decisions or choices. We can dwell on them or we can just learn and move on. I've decide to do the latter.

It's amazing how disappointing some people can become. It always pays to be careful with your respect and who you give it to and they should have to earn it every day.You can only accomplish so much by fancy slogans, catch phrases, and quotes. Eventually, we will see though it all and find out that what was looked upon with so much enthusiasm and amazement really wasn't so impressive after all.

WSFL 106.5FM, a classic rock station in Eastern NC is pretty freakin' awesome. Not what WQDR 94.7FM was back in the day when they first went on the air as an album rock station, but better than anything else in the Raleigh area. WRVA or WBBB, you guys need to take notes.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, we do needd to be careful of who we give our respect to. When we place those people up on a pedestal, it is truly amazing how disappointing they become when we strip away all of the hype. Good luck in your future ventures. No matter what anyone else says, we miss you around Big County EMS.