If, in moving through your life, you find yourself lost...go back to the last place where you knew who you were, and what you were doing, and start from there. Bernice Johnson Reagon.

17 September 2012

Peacefulness in Overshot

Sunrise in Overshot
Many years ago I could walk out into my back yard and see the distant TV towers at Auburn (NC). I could look up and see an entire panorama of stars. Many nights I would just go outside when I took my dog out and just sit on the tailgate of my truck and just look. Before I knew it I had been outside for over an hour. Just looking up.

Tonight I went outside to call my wife (cell phone coverage is a limited out here). We did not speak long and after the conversation ended I walked around the parking lot...looking up and around.

It is partly cloudy here but there are a few stars to see. As I was star gazing I even watched a jet of some kind make its way across the sky in between the openings in the clouds. There was also a light breeze blowing. There are a few lights around at the few houses that are around here. The quiet was only interrupted by the occasional car or truck making its way along US 701 just a few hundred yards away.

Aside from sitting on the beach listening to the waves, it was about the most peaceful time I have been able to spend of late. The only thing missing was Lil.

It's nice to have time to reflect on things.

I think I am going to have to put one of my folding camp chairs in the truck tomorrow. I am back in Overshot on Friday. I think it would be really nice to sit outside and just..............


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