If, in moving through your life, you find yourself lost...go back to the last place where you knew who you were, and what you were doing, and start from there. Bernice Johnson Reagon.

22 February 2012

Happy Birthday, Heather!

Time sure does fly.

Twenty-eight years ago I met you for the first time.

Welcome to the world of fatherhood. Middle of the night feedings, colic, ear infections, and diaper changes. Lunches at school.

I learned more about Barbie, Jem, Thundercats, and Care Bears than I ever thought possible.

It’s been one heck of a relationship. Ups and downs. Curveballs.

Good grades…..and not so good. Good times…..and not so good.

Memories galore. Bringing you home. Watching you play soccer and driving away in your car for the first time.

Walking you down the aisle.

You have made me proud in ways you cannot begin to imagine. And continue to do so.

Happy birthday, Heather!



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