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30 January 2012

How things change...

Of late I am back in my 'old stomping grounds', sort of. At the end of November the powers-that-be assigned me to EMS4, which is located in the western part of the Capital CIty, near the NC State Fairgrounds, Carter-Finley Stadium, and the RBC Center.

I call it my old stomping grounds because it is the unit I have spent the second-most amount of time on since I have been employed by the county. Back a few years ago, I spent 13 consecutive months on that unit, at the time working 24 hour shifts. Back then, we seemed to average about five calls in a 24 hour shift, and seldom ran calls after midnight. Actually, I could count on one hand the number of times we did not get at least five consecutive hours of sleep in a night.

Fast forward to now. EMS4 is now a "2x12" unit, meaning we are staffed with two 12-hour crews. My shift is 07:00 - 19:00. My shift is M-Tu-F-Sa-Su-W-Th in a two week cycle, with me being off the days not shown. It works out to every other weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off. Not bad.

I do miss the camaraderie from working 24s, because I worked with the same folks at the area fire stations. I get to work with all of the different shifts now, but it was nice building the close relationships with the folks at Raleigh FD stations 8, 14, 16, and 17, along with Cary FD stations 1 and 2, and Western Wake FD.

But things change. People get moved around. And the call volumes go up. Remember that average of five in a 24-hour shift? Now it is an average of six or more in a 12-hour shift. And the night shifts run steady all night.

Not sure what has changed. There are no new elder care facilities, no new housing developments... But it does seem like we are responding more and more to doctors' offices and urgent care offices (we have a lot of them in my first due). I'll have to study on that...

Ya'll be safe out there...

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